Pay for Salesforce Skills When You Need Them


Isn’t it great when you pay for just what you need? There are plenty of examples where we do this. Companies like airbnb and Uber have built their entire business model on the concept. Don’t buy a vacation home, just use someone else’s and pay for what you need. Don’t rent a car, just order a ride when you need it. 

The reality is, sometimes you get more value and a better experience when you pay for just what you need!

And let’s face it, going through the budget approval process versus submitting an expense report can mean more gets done faster!

Budget for One, Get a Whole Team

Many companies advertise to hire a full time Salesforce Admin or a Salesforce Developer. So, if you have gone through the budgeting hoops and you have the work to keep one person busy, can one person provide all the expertise you need to reach your business objectives? Could you accomplish more faster if you had access to lots of expertise?
If you are well positioned for Salesforce success, then you have other stakeholders  identified beyond just your “hands on keyboard” person. Most importantly, an executive sponsor and also very important is your product owner. If you have the right person in the product owner spot…they can get a lot more accomplished if they have access to a team of skilled people versus the experience of just one person.

 + Roadmap 
+ Knowledge Collective
= Salesforce Success

Hiring Salesforce Talent

More and more people are getting their Salesforce certifications. So, the challenge of getting applicants is not as hard as it used to be. But, certification does not always translate to practical experience. And, when you are interviewing, do you know the right questions to ask to make sure the candidate has what it takes to get the ROI you need from your Salesforce investment?

Candidates that have certifications, experience and a combination of skills (the proverbial “whole enchilada”) are not cheap! The reality is these types of candidates are much less common.

If you only have budget for one team member…they really need to have all of the following:

  • Strategic Success Skills
  • Business Acumen
  • Operating Model Experience
  • Declarative Skills
  • Data Skills
  • Integration Skills
  • (Development Skills might be nice)

The list can get pretty long and it’s a lot to ask of one person!

So, is it better to use your budget to get what you need when you need it! 

  • Bring on a strategic resource to help with the vision and roadmap .
  • Leverage a proven process to deliver incremental value.
  • Get the right experience to do the hands on keyboard work.
  • Track and Monitor Success and ROI.

Millions of people who enjoy someone else’s luxury vacation rental for a week or two…or a ride from someone else occasionally can’t be wrong. It is great to pay for just what you need…especially when you get more value!

Consider your business needs and explore all your options to get the biggest return on your Salesforce investment. The cost of one talented resource may not get you as much value as access to the knowledge collective of a whole team!
If you have the talent but need more clarity on a roadmap to success contact us for a free consultation.And let’s