Optimize Your Business Salesforce Strategy: Visualize your Salesforce vision and strategy with a powerful telescope. Implement the 5 steps for success

5 Steps to Create Salesforce Vision and Strategy


Salesforce Vision and Strategy. 5 Steps to create it

Strategic Salesforce Decisions Require Strategic Vision

We are living in some crazy times. It is completely reasonable for anyone to feel a bit off balance. If you had a clear path forward, it has probably been impacted by the opportunities of the last year. And if you didn’t, that can feel even worse.

A CRM vision and strategy is important. This is not news to anyone. The first challenge is prioritizing the time to create a vision and strategy. The next challenge is having the tools and support necessary to make the time investment productive.

If this was not a priority before, 2020 has shown us that it is imperative to business success.

According to Gartner, as the phases of the COVID-19 pandemic progress, business leaders must reset their strategy and build resilience. It is crucial for senior leaders to make strategic decisions that will lead them to a renewed future state.

What could be more impacted than the processes and technology you use to build and maintain your customer relationships?

Journey to Customer Satisfaction

When there is no vision, you are missing the key element to success in the following domains:

  • Common objectives
  • Alignment and ownership
  • Clear decision making
  • Ability to make strategic changes quickly
  • Measuring value

In order to be successful here, you must choose a destination. 

Imagine packing, buying plane tickets, making hotel reservations for any vacation…all before you set a destination. Even asking an expert on sights to visit would be worthless…and imagine PAYING for that advice!

You may be saying, “duh!”, but we have seen businesses…from very large to “mom and pop”…fail to create and communicate a clear Vision for their CRM. Much of this issue is exacerbated because business and technology are siloed from each other. This is often because there is no common point of view to drive productive discussions.

No matter the size of your business or projects, creating and socializing a clear Salesforce Vision is critical to your long-term CRM success.

And, even if you feel pretty good on this topic, a little review can’t hurt.

Enable Customer Engagement

Following are some key steps that will help you on your journey to a clear Vision.

  1. Document your business objectives and value drivers
  2. Identify key business, IT, and secondary stakeholders
  3. Align for executive signoff on final vision and strategy
  4. Communicate importance of vision and strategy to all stakeholders, including end users
  5. Plan for continual reviews and updates to vision and strategy based on overall business strategy 

Do you have a documented Salesforce Vision and Strategy that can be adjusted?

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