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About Us

Chris Iverson, Partner

Chris has been enabling customer success on the Salesforce platform for more than ten years. He was at the leading edge when he developed a support practice for a platinum Salesforce partner in 2014. As a Customer Success Manager at Salesforce, he saw that without vision and a roadmap, customers struggled to achieve success. His experience influences the unique approach auxiliumCRM uses to enable platform capability that drives and monitors progress toward customer goals.

Adrian Olivera, Partner

Adrian started his career as a biomedical engineer. While leading a team at a private hospital he saw opportunities to improve processes and make his team more efficient. He then learned about Salesforce and realized what a great tool it was to transform business through gains in efficiency. He went on to become a certified Salesforce professional who has delivered customer solutions working in English and Spanish. His Salesforce skills, his business experience and his passion for process improvement influence how he enables success for auxiliumCRM customers.

Brands we've Worked With

We bring a very diverse background of experience to how we support and enable success for our customers. Big, small, local, national, manufacturing, health and life sciences, financial services, retail, nonprofits…if we have a mutual understanding of your business goals…we can leverage our experience to help you enable the Salesforce capabilities needed for your success!

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